Choosing the correct combination for your rotating assembly is critical when dealing with high HP. Should I choose an I-Beam over a H-Beam connecting rod? What compression will yield the best driveability, and provide the most HP? Laskey Racing utilizes the services of Benson's Performance Engine & Machine to create th e precise machining and sleeving needed to support high HP levels. You'll never have to worry about reliability with the help of Laskey Racing.

Let CP Pistons give you the edge on the competition. Features include superb ring seal, higher vacuum, lower blow by, greater durability and increased HP and torque up through the higher RPM band. Better yet, peak horsepower is retained throughout the life of the piston rings. This is achieved by lightweight forgings and CP's exclusive machining techniques and processes. Our commitment to your racing program is reflected in eveyr piston we provide.
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A crucial ingredient to creating a bulletproof race engine or high performance street enngine. We offer three manufacturers that provided excellent results in both forms of engine duties. Choose a Eagle H Beam design for the budget race engine or daily driver with mild boost. Choose the Pauter or Manley connecting rod for the undertaking of brutual punishment of your race engine. Laskey Racing uses Pauter rods in their race engines with phenomenal results. Tell us what you need and we will give you the correct solution.
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Plain and flanged bearings are manufactured in a number of material options, including ACL's Duraglide F780 heavy duty, trimetal copper-lead material, to suit every performance requirement. The company is dedicated to developing the most innovative and modern bearing production facilities to improve productivity, reduce delivery lead times and maintain the closest production tolerances.
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