Welcome to the Official Laskey Racing Online Store. The catalog of parts that we offer have all been used in our successful Drag Car. All products are tried and tested extensively, and will provide you with unparalleled results whether your a serious drag racer, road racer, or a serious tuner. Our mission is to provide every customer with extreme personal care. Enjoy your stay!

The following policies, terms and conditions are effective January 1, 2004 and are subject to change without notice. Buyers/Users of products manufactured and/or sold by Laskey Racing(hereafter “LR”) agree to the following:

Payment Method
Visa, Master Card, AMX, Discover. cashiers checks, money orders, and Pay Pal are accepted forms of payment. Company checks will be accepted only upon prior approval.

International orders outside of the continental U.S. must be paid via a wire transfer, paypal, and or money order. For further information regarding international orders, please contact us.

Return Policy
Only unused merchandise, intact, undamaged, and complete with all components and hardware as originally provided to customers, will be authorized for return subject to inspection and acceptance by LR. Returns will not be accepted from customers without prior return authorization provided by LR. No returns allowed after twenty (20) days from original ship date from LR. Authorized & accepted returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge - NO EXCEPTIONS. All engines are non-refundable - NO EXCEPTIONS. All sales on Used Parts are FINAL - NO EXCEPTIONS

Refused Shipments
Sending a shipment back to LR does not automatically constitute the right to refund, exchange or credit. LR may, at its discretion, require alternate payment method for any refused shipments. It is the customers responsibility to make appropriate arrangements with LR for disposition of refused shipments.

Returned Checks
Any customer checks returned to LR for insufficient funds will incur a $25 processing charge. Any customer who submits an invalid check will be refused further shipments until such time as any outstanding charges/fees are cleared. Customers submitting invalid checks may be subject to cancellation of their purchasing status and/or revocation of their payment terms.

Installation of Products
LR highly recommends that the installation of mechanical or electrical parts be performed by trained professionals. Improperly installed products may lead to unsafe and unreliable conditions and LR disavows all responsibility for such installations.

Off-Road Use Only
All automotive equipment and components for sale by LR have been designed and are expressly intended for Off-Highway application only. Federal and/or state laws may prohibit the removal/modification of, or rendering inoperable any device or element of design or performance affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to fines or penalties. Vehicles modified by use of performance parts may no longer be lawfully used on public highways.

Laskey Racing warrants that all merchandise manufactured and/or sold by LR are guaranteed to be free from manufacturers defects in materials or workmanship for three months from date of shipment from LR to the original purchaser. If said merchandise is deemed by seller or manufacturer to be defective due to deficiencies of material or workmanship, seller or manufacturer shall rectify such defect(s) via repair or replacement solely at their option. There are no other warrantees stated or implied that extend beyond that described above or warrant fitness for particular purpose other than stated for a given item.