Choosing the correct combination for your rotating assembly is critical when dealing with high HP. Should I choose an I-Beam over a H-Beam connecting rod? What compression will yield the best driveability, and provide the most HP? Laskey Racing utilizes the services of Golden Eagle Mfg to create the precise machining and sleeving needed to support high HP levels. You'll never have to worry about reliability with the help of Laskey Racing.

Golden Eagle
-Process - We use precision CNC equipment for sleeve installations; that assures proper tolerances time and time again without any mistakes. We are ISO9002 qualified and MILI45208 certified. No local engine machine shop can even come close to our tolerances!

-Reliability - All of our blocks are tested and re-tested to assure the reliability that the customer deserves.

-Warranty and Customer Support - We carry the best warranty in the business. Lifetime warranty against sleeve cracking and sinking. We have on hand some of the most educated engine builders in the industry to answer any questions or concerns a customer may have.

-Turn Around Time - Our turn around time is second to none. We can usually sleeve and deck your block within 3-4 weeks.

-Experience - We have sleeved more blocks than all other sleeving companies COMBINED. We have a proven track record of reliability and performance.

Golden Eagle Block Sleeving B and D series
Golden Eagle Block Sleeving F, H, and K series
Suburu Block Sleeving
Price includes block sleeving with final bore and hone, cases cut and align hone of main saddles.
6 cylinder block sleeving
with final bore/hone to your specifications included
Bore and Hone with torque plate
Ask about other makes and models


LA Sleeves
LA sleeves, American made since 1945. Sleeves are made from Moly2000 ductile iron. Pro cool wet sleeve helps sustain proper cooling flow and perfect for turbo, nitrous and all motor applications. Made to maintain block integrity with high horsepower engines over time. Brinell hardness of 265 (98.7 rockwell B) the material has great sleeve density. This provides consistent grain flow micro structure. The centrifugal process controls exact graphite and matrix distribution throughout the sleeves creating a wear and shock resistant sleeve for better ring seal and wear. Continuous roundness and hardness offers a "no worry" sleeve for street use and all out racing applications.

4 Cyclinder Block Sleeving (Open or closed deck)
*Final bore and hone included