Under the honda valve cover you find the components that allow your engine to breath. Cams, valves, valve springs, and cam gears all play a crucial part in determining how long your engine breathes and exhales. Even though most Honda's have been engineered to breath very well, anything can be improved. Laskey Racing will setup you with the right combination for your HP goals. Give us a call today!

If you're looking for a top quality cylinder head then you've come to the right place. Each head goes through a rigorous cleaning and machining process before final assembly and shipping. Some of the key steps include: passing through a high temp. oven, placement in a non-caustic hot tank, cutting seats using 3 angle valve cuts, inspecting all valves for stem and valve face damage/wear as well as straightness, machining head surfaces and running heads through a detergent-based hot tank prior to assembly. Street or strip we have the perfect combination for you.
Hot tank, crack check, competition 3 angle valve job,
mirror surface, new seals, assembly
SuperTech SS valves, dual springs, ti retainers, hot tank, 3 angle valve job, surface, new seals
Laskey port, polish & Stage 1 work using your valves, springs and retainers
Laskey port & polish, SuperTech Stainless Steel nitride coated valves, dual valve springs, titanium retainers, competition 3 angle valve job, surfaced to a mirror like finish and assembly
NOTE: Add $60 for spring seats, if required
NOTE: Add $60 for keepers if required
NOTE: Add $300 for bronze valve guides, if requested