Mike Laskey- Driver

From the skate parks of Irvine California to the top drag strips around the country, Mike has been recognized as one of the top drivers in his first full racing season in Sport Compact racing. This young sensation has a lot of people taking notice of his skills as a competitor and a driver.

Mike has always taken interest in cars. He first started his venture into import drag racing when he was 15 while adding parts to his 1988 VW GTI. Selling the car once old enough, he decided to purchase his first Honda civic. It wasn’t long before Mike was doing his best to mod his first Honda to make it run faster. In March of 1998 Mike entered his first sanctioned drag race called the Street Legal Drags held in Pomona California. There he learned the ins and outs of what it takes to make an import drag race vehicle go down the track. After a couple years of racing his Honda at these events, he decided that he wanted to build a full time track vehicle.

In the year 2000, the goal was set out to build the world’s fastest fwd vehicle. He chose a 1991 Honda CRX as the base platform in which to do so. Mike and his father Earl worked diligently on this vehicle until it was up to the challenge of competition. On September of 2001 the Laskey Racing CRX hit the track to qualify in the top 8 at its first event ever in the pro class. The car and Mike were in tune with each other and made it all the way to the semi-finals. This was the first race of much more to come.

Mike and Earl worked very hard at prepping the car to become the world’s fastest uni-body CRX and at this time Laskey Racing has the world’s fastest CRX. Last season the car ran hard and came up 2nd place overall in IDRC competition. This year Mike and team lead the NDRA race series in points with the STR/Laskey racing drag CRX but late season breakage dropped them to 3rd for the year.

Not only is Mike a driver but also he is a die-hard fan of drag racing. His heart and desire to win make him one of the most competitive racers today. Some of the sports top racers have taken notice of him such as Kenny Tran, Jojo Callos and Christian Rado.

Mike Laskey
Irvine, CA

Earl Laskey
Engine Builder-Crew Chief
Chicago, Il

Ben Strader - Tuner
Owner of EFI University

Greg Fish
Wiring & Fabrications Specialist
Southern California


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