Greg Fish

Greg first got into the import scene back in 1994. He was part of the famed Long Beach Wicked Racing Crew. He left the sport for a few years to raise his daughter but came back with a new vigor to build and fabricate some of the hottest cars around.

Greg is known as the teams wiring and fabricator specialist. He also likes to do some tuning on the side. His schooling and background is in automation and electronics which helps the aspects of tuning EMS systems.

Greg like to take on the challenges around here like putting Honda S2000 engines into Mini Coopers and even an old BMW.

Mike Laskey
Irvine, CA

Earl Laskey
Engine builder-Crew Chief
Chicago, Il

Ben Strader - Tuner
Owner of EFI University

Greg Fish
Wiring & Fabrications Specialist
Southern California


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